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Upper Body Workout Ideas For Women

Women are a special breed! Not just because they are smart and stronger than us men...but they are prone to many types of overtraining and injuries. Flexability as well as muscular balance are two issues that lead my ladies to pronate shoulders forward and in-site injury and imbalances between the sides. Due to holding a purse and sleeping on the sides coupled with generalized weakness in the pecs and delts taking over on pressing motions women must make sure that activation of the body part being worked is occurring and not the just moving the weight or doing the exercise from point A to B.

Increasing strength in the lower traps and rear delts gives the shoulders a chance to sit back and counteract the chest tightness to stop shoulders rolling forward. Rear Delts are often underdeveloped because Rhomboids take over during motions where the arms are going backward engaging the back part of the shoulders. Making sure to stretch the chest and get deep tissue massages on the pec minor will allow the area to also loosen up giving proper motion to develop individual portions of the upper body.

Contact us today by calling the phone number below to get info about how to get the most out of upper body workouts done by my women. Thanks, Tom Rutherford Owner/Coach

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